Summit Up 9-27-11: Unraveling the mysteries of yeast |

Summit Up 9-27-11: Unraveling the mysteries of yeast

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s often stumped by the simplest questions. A young person we know asked us “what’s yeast?” the other day and we stuttered and stumbled and offered only this lame definition: “Uh, it’s some kind of culture, a bacteria maybe.”

This being a modern child, he turned away in partial disgust and started Googling rather than rely on any lame grown-up definitions.

The first line of the Wikipedia yeast entry, it turned out, wasn’t much more help: “Yeasts are eukaryotic micro-organisms classified in the kingdom Fungi …”

What the heck? All’s we really is yeast is handy for making bread and beer, and it’s something you don’t want, uh, in your trousers or knickers in any way. Beyond that, we’ll just put out a call to our local biologist friend and SDN Summit Outside columnist Joanne Stolen: Joanne! Give us the elevator statement on what the heck yeast is! And leave out the yucky parts if you can. Thanks.

Not a lot of room today, folks, since we wanted to get this planking photo in and Tuesday off-season papers are kinda small right now, as usual. Enjoy your Tuesday and we’ll catch you on the flip-flop.

Whatever that means.

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