Summit Up 9-28-10: Going for a ride in the old Studebaker |

Summit Up 9-28-10: Going for a ride in the old Studebaker

by Clem Studebaker
Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s wondering what we’d name a car company if we were to somehow (probably by accident) start our own car company. One name we definitely would not use is Studebaker. For one, it’s already taken, and two, it sounds so old-timey. It makes us wonder what the folks who started Studebaker were thinking, even way back when – when they were living in old-timey times (of course, kind of like being a jerk, you don’t realize you’re an old-timer when you’re in those old times).

Of course, the old Studebaker automobile – some of which are pictured above – was named after a guy named Studebaker. It’s not like someone came up with the name because they thought it sounded cool (like, say, “Elantra” or “LeCar” or “Gremlin”). In fact, a quick look at reveals the fact that Studebaker actually started out as a company that made stuff like stagecoaches and carriages (the best part is that one of the original Studebaker dudes was actually named “Clem Studebaker,” which may well be the best name of all time).

Anyway, the last Studebaker rolled off the assembly line in 1966, so it’s been a while since you could get your hands on one of these bad boys. Could it have been, we wonder, the ghastly green paint they used? Should they have stuck with traditional black and that super old-timey look such is seen on the 1917 model, above left? After all, if you’re going to call yourself “Studebaker,” you’re going to have a hard time convincing young bucks to fork over for a set of wheels with a name – and a look – like that.

Speaking of … what do you think the worst car name of all time is? Our personal favorite has and always will be the Daewoo Leganza, which for a few years in the 1990s was known as the Official Car of Summit Up. Of course, you can’t buy Daewoo vehicles anymore, either … mostly because in Korean “Daewoo” means, roughly, “Studebaker,” and it just didn’t stand the test of time.

We out.

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