Summit Up 9-29-12: Where the Weekender sleeps |

Summit Up 9-29-12: Where the Weekender sleeps

Summit Up

Special to the Daily/Jasen Buckmaster

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is extremely happy to bid nappy-naptime to the Explore Summit Weekender – that fabulous, colorful new weekly magazine in the green boxes around town. The Weekender is tired, so she will hibernate briefly, to awaken once more on Nov. 16, at which time she will proceed to herald winter and all of his glory, and share her growing knowledge on all the wonderful things that Summit County and its friendly neighbors have to offer.

Sadly, we in the newsroom will not have time to attend any of the fabulous winter goings-on touted therein upon said Weekender’s joyous return from the Underworld. We should have known better when we ate those kernels of pomegranate destining us to this seasonal enslavement.

We’d like to take a moment to give a big shout out to all of you from us in the news office where “the first draft of history” is written. Please be so kind as to accept our apologies for any and all mistakes, past present and future, both miniscule and egregious, that we may have or may accidentally perpetrate sometime in future time ad infinitum. We do try really, really, really hard, while life and work move in fast forward – but we are but one seven-headed person, each of whose heads has many things going on inside it at any given time.

As we put Weekender to bed, we will take a long and much deserved nap alongside her. Please do not send us any more vitriolic demands to write multiple stories about [insert event] because [insert self-important tirade], as we cannot read angry emails when we are sleeping. Because of our superhuman multi-tasking abilities, however, we ARE capable of reading nice emails in our sleep. Go ahead and send those if you want to. We out.