Summit Up 9-3-10: Tuned and ready to ride! |

Summit Up 9-3-10: Tuned and ready to ride!

by Summit Up

Special to the Daily Mikaela Clark, a first-grader at Summit Cove, turns the big 6 today. "Happy birthday Mikaela! We are so proud of you and love you very much!"

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s feeling a lot better about the world now that we finally got our bicycle tuned up. It was around 1995 that we got this bike – a Diamond Back mountain bike so old, so antiquated, so goldarn antedeluvian that it doesn’t even have front suspesion!MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: (Inhaling in shock) How did you ride this bicycle without suspension!?SU: It was easy: We never went off the Frisco recpaths with it. In fact, we have been such mellow users of this bike that it was the first time ever we’d gotten it tuned up – and it took a flat tire to do it (first flat, too). Back when we were kids and our old Schwinn Varsity got a flat, we’d pop the tire off the rim, patch that baby with that really yummy-smelling glue (we know, we know) and be back on the road in no time. But it’d been so long since we’d practiced this lost art that we figured screw it and just took it in to the closest bike shop, which just so happened to be Recycle Ski & Sports in Frisco. The guys there fixed our flat with a new tube and tuned the bike up – even replacing a couple of cables and, we think, brake pads – for only about 50 bucks.Now, our old cruiser rides like a dream. In fact, we think it actually left the ground a few times on our way to work Thursday; it was like we had wings or something. Anyway, the moral of the story is get your bike tuned up a little more often, but if you don’t, stay off all those bumpy, rocky, mountain bike-y trails. It really helps your bike stay healthy!***Speaking of bikes … hold on a tick …(sound of rustling papers)No, we meant tigers – speaking of tigers, which we realize is a propos of nothing but, well, no matter. There are some new tiger cubs at the Denver Zoo and, as you can plainly see from this photo, they’re pretty darn cute (but remember, before long they’ll take your arm off without so much as a “by your leave,” so keep them at a safe distance.) MSUR: Tell us more. Just quote the press release.OK: Denver Zoo’s four endangered, Amur tiger cubs took a breath of fresh air Monday as they explored their outdoor habitat for the first time. The cubs – females Zaria and Akasha and males Nikolai and Thimbu – were each given a clean bill of health in their last exams and are ready to meet the public. The quadruplet cubs, born May 31, are the first of their species to be born at Denver Zoo since 2003. Just in time for Labor Day, visitors can see the foursome now at the Feline II Building. The best time to see them will be between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.There it is. And how would you like to be the person in charge of naming the tiger cubs?Zookeeper 1: How about Sue, Tamara, Dan and Ian?Zookeeper 2: Those suck, not tiger-y enough! It needs more Africa mojo. Think we’ll go with Zaria and Akasha and Nikolai and Thimbu.And so it was.Folks, it’s Labor Day Weekend! Go nuts! But don’t get locked up. We out.