Summit Up 9-3-11: Wondering about the ancient Sumerians and their snausages |

Summit Up 9-3-11: Wondering about the ancient Sumerians and their snausages

by Summit Up
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wonders who came up with the idea for sausage. We were thinking this after mowing a butt-load of snausages at the Frisco Oktoberfest last night (or at least we plan to, as of this writing). Who thinks of these things? And who figured out how to make beer? We know it was some Sumerian dude, probably, but still … how do you come up with something like that?

We understand now, with these big companies and their food laboratories, and all cuz they’re paid to sit around thinking up ideas for food (or, at least, food-like products that can be nominally recognized as comestible items even if, say, that ancient Sumerian would not recognize it as such). But way back in the day, you’d have to be pretty damn smart to come up with beer all on your own. And for that, ancient beer dude, we salute you. The snausage guy, not so much.

Those things’ll kill ya.


OK, here’s a reminder that just because you’re a school you’re not immune to the dreaded Scum Alert! Scum Alert! It’s ‘nonymous, but here goes:

“This is a Scum Alert going out to Breckenridge Elementary School for creating an attractive nuisance for bears with their unsecured trash. The trash shed has no doors, the dumpster has no lock, the trash cans are left in the open, and a bear gets into it almost every night.

“The kids would be very sad if a bear had to be put down because it was getting into their trash.”

True dat. Breck Elementary, get your act together! Kids, put some pressure on your principal to get this handled. We know you can be very persuasive!

Folks, there’s a million things to do today in the county, so get on it, doggonit! We out …

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