Summit Up 9-3-12: Where we’re full of bad advice |

Summit Up 9-3-12: Where we’re full of bad advice

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s wondering about that old saying, “what would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail?”This particularly useless old saying came to mind as we are staring at the business end of a really, really, really hard test just around the corner here and frankly not finding a whole lot of comfort in the words. Like most clichs, this saying sucks. First of all, it’s advice in the form of a question and anyone who has every sought or unwillingly received advice knows that the one thing they already have is questions. What they need is guidance, comfort, confidence … someone to go take their test for them – please? No? Okay then. But they certainly don’t need another question bestowed on them by some well-meaning dolt who clearly doesn’t know the first thing about giving advice. Furthermore, this particular question-in-advice clothing is actually a little bit dangerous because, as inspiring as it might sound to pretend you can’t fail, frankly, you can fail. And you probably will fail if you try half the stuff this dumb-ass advice suggests you should take a shot at. For example, if most 6-year olds knew they couldn’t fail, they would probably huff it up to some tree branch, roof top or other location of height and give that whole flying thing a try. Unfortunately, because they can (and almost certainly will) fail, they’ll probably just end up with a broken arm. That’s some really bad advice. Speaking of which, we’ve got a Book Booster Alert! Book Booster Alert! here to share with you. MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Wait just a ding-dang minute here. What does one of your silly alerts have to do with bad advice?Summit Up: Glad you asked, sports fans. Absolutely nothing at all. But we needed to move on from an advice tangent so circular it was making us dizzy. We figured you’d appreciate the subject change. MSUR: Oh we do! So what’s a Book Booster Alert!?! SU: Just as follows: “The Red Buffalo Cafe in the Silverthorne Pavilion shopping area gives 100 percent of its Friends of the Library book sales to the Friends. This year alone, over $1,200 has been raised from book sales from the donated shelves and space in the caf. Customers enjoy a variety of like-new, donated books in addition to the caf’s tasty food and beverage offerings. Many thanks from the Friends!” Hmm, perhaps we should revise the alert, as it sorta makes it sound like somebody was stealing the books, and that’s clearly not the case. We’ll call it a Book Backer Alert! Book Backer Alert! and good on ya, Red Buffalo Caf and Silverthorne Pavilion shopping area for supporting good causes in the hood. The rest of you people, get thee to the aforementioned businesses and do your part ASAP. That’s all we got for ya today. We out.