Summit Up 9-4-2011: Where bears may have to go hungry |

Summit Up 9-4-2011: Where bears may have to go hungry

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is using this Labor Day weekend to drink beer (Frisco’s Oktoberfest!) hike the trails we haven’t gotten to yet (Mohawk Lakes, here we come) and get used to the idea of fall.

We hear that fall in other places is actually quite nice, when the summer heat lets up, apples and pumpkins come into season and all the leaves change color. But in Summit County, we don’t really have any sweltering heat in the summer and pumpkins don’t really grow so great in the High Country.

Sound of hundreds of High Country pumpkin farmers we didn’t know about yelling and coming after us with their pitchforks.

OK, OK, sorry the pumpkins are awesome. And, we’re sure there must be other perks of fall that will help assuage the pain of summer ending.

First of all, ski season is coming! Ski season is coming!

Pretty soon we’ll be able to find a parking place and navigate the aisles of City Market without having a nervous breakdown.

The aspens are prettier in the fall.

Football. ‘Nuff said. No, wait. GO BRONCOS!! OK, now, ’nuff said.

The warm foods we’ve been missing, like soup, are soon to be back in fashion.

Bears will be hibernating soon so we won’t have to worry about them getting into our garbage.

And speaking of hungry bears, who are not yet, but will soon be asleep, we would like to correct yesterday’s Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! directed at the fine folks over at Breckenridge Elementary School and convert it to an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!!

The same ‘nonymous tipster who blew the whistle on the school’s un-bear-proofed dumpsters in yesterday’s Summit Up, wrote to us again soon after saying the situation had been rectified. Unfortunately, though we got the email, high-tailed our butts down to Gypsum where we print this fine publication and yelled “STOP THE PRESSES” as loud as we could in an attempt at fixing the problem (and recreating awesome old journalism flicks), the Scum Alert!! went out just the same.

But, today’s another day, and we’re here to set the record straight.

The tipster, who was and shall remain nameless writes thusly:

“Please withdraw the scum alert I sent earlier today. I am happy to report that the Breck Elementary School replaced their dumpster with a bear resistant dumpster just today. It also includes informative signs.

“Instead please include an anonymous angel alert:

“Angel Alert to Breckenridge Elementary School for replacing the school’s dumpster with a new bear-resistant dumpster. The neighbors thank the school, the kids, and concerned parents for such fast action to protect the bears and the students.”

See, all’s well that ends well. Except for the bears, who will have to go to sleep hungry or find someone else’s unlocked trash to raid.

Bears: That’s cool, we didn’t really want to eat the elementary school trash, anyway. That cafeteria food’s no good cold.

Well, folks, that’s about all we can fit in this teeny, tiny little space today. Have a good Sunday!

We out.

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