Summit Up 9-5-12: Where we’re publicly shaming a dog |

Summit Up 9-5-12: Where we’re publicly shaming a dog

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s getting ready to publicly shame a dog.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Isn’t that, like, kind of mean?

SUMMIT UP: Well, we don’t feel particularly good about having to do this, but apparently it’s the cool new thing to do, according to a website that specializes in it, The site shows pictures of very forlorn-looking pups with signs confessing their sins, like “I ate seven alarm clocks,” or “I puked on the duvet and tried to cover it up with a pillow,” or our personal favorite, “I went to work with my mom and barked at the CEO and a group of potential investors.”

Anyway, the suspect at hand here is Summit Up Central Headquarters dog Taj, who snuck away from his parents early Saturday morning in search of coffee and bagels at Cool River Cafe in Breckenridge. While Taj does look pretty sorry for his misdeeds, we’re pretty sure it’s all for show – he drools like an American bandogge mastiff anytime an egg and bagel sandwich is within sight.

So, we have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to the nice guys at Cool River, who called Taj’s parents Saturday to let them know where he was, and then tied him up on a leash outside to wait. They did mention that despite being a beggar, Taj wasn’t causing a big ruckus among the hungry customers. Although, as soon as he was let off said leash, his little sniffer went crazy and he tried to go back inside to wait for his order. For those who were wondering, he prefers whole milk in his lattes.

We out.