Summit Up 9-5-2011: Where we’re not sure exactly what to celebrate |

Summit Up 9-5-2011: Where we’re not sure exactly what to celebrate

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s not paying the least bit of attention to the ski sales going on this weekend.

It’s not that we’re set for gear – far from it. We’ve made the long list of essentials, like the Zegna ski jacket with built-in solar panel (to keep your electronic devices charged, of course), the newest selection of Tall T’s, and those denim-like trousers Shaun White wore all last season.

It’s just that there’s just so much more to do than run with the crowd from shop to shop, trying to find the best deal.

We might live to regret it this year when our less extraneous list of gear hasn’t been fulfilled. You know, like the AT setup we’ve always wanted to further avoid those crowds that converge upon the slopes on an extreme powder day… Sigh. If only we had multiples.

Like in “Surrogates,” that 2009 Bruce Willis flick about humans who interact through surrogate robots. Actually, wait a second, we don’t think we’re quite remembering the film premise very well right now. Must have been that Labor Day weekend barbecue we went to… too many sips of Sangria or something.

Anyway, we hope you’re enjoying the long weekend’s festivities, and not thinking too much about the increasingly chilly evenings and the holiday that marks the end of summer… We, at least, are trying to fool ourselves into believing the time’s not coming where we have to head downslope to get warm.


In other news, we’ve got a Labor Day Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! that backs up a previous scum alert.

“Sleepless in Breckenridge” Cory Tucker writes thusly:

“Thank you Summit Up for the Breckenridge Elementary scum alert regarding their open dumpster area. I live directly behind said dumpster and waken (or rather shoot out of bed as if the rummagers have entered my home) nightly, due to my usually quiet dog, barking aggressively, to the sounds of creatures rummaging through the trash, that is inevitably strewn across the parking lot and road nearly daily. I’ve often wondered how, with all the dumpster regulations in place, the school, of all places, does not have an enclosed (with a door) dumpster. I do hope my restless nights are remedied soon.”

Wow, we’re sorry Cory! Can’t imagine the types of dreams (nightmares?) one might have with those types of noises going on outside our windows at night. Well, we can, but we’d rather not share. They’re either gory or risque, neither being appropriate for today’s column.

But do take heart Cory, as reported in this here column yesterday, the trash bins at the school have been bear proofed just this past week. Here is to peaceful sleep the rest of the year.


That said, it is Labor Day, the day that nobody knows what, exactly, to celebrate. We think it’s a chance to enjoy doing no work. So, we hope you enjoy doing no work in the most creative way you can imagine. Meanwhile, we’ll be slaving away in our publishing house, sitting next to Horace – or whatever his name is that’s chained up in the back – extracting news and photos from the community to kick off the work week on Tuesday.

With that, happy Monday and happy Labor Day!

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