Summit Up 9-6-11: Where we can’t wait for the next 3-day weekend |

Summit Up 9-6-11: Where we can’t wait for the next 3-day weekend


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that truly believes a three-day weekend and a four-day work week is the way to go. Not only do you get the three days off, but then you’ve got a shorter week to do after the holiday.

It’s sweet! Of course, you might point out that we’re full o’ crap because we obviously worked on Monday so that you might have a paper in your hands today, but that comes with the territory and not all the SDN staffers were in the office Monday while the rest of us wandered in and out and took it easy. Some of us even let some participles dangle and misplaced some modifiers whilst other let some fonts default to courier and allowed the registration to be a bit off.

Anyway, point is we Americans work too dang much and don’t get enough vacation time anyway. We’ve got to appreciate the few bones society throws our way whilst we dream of being French or Scandinavian – countries where you only have to work a few weeks a year and where the phrase “evil insurance companies” is non-existent. And if you’re hungry, you just hold our your hand and some government guy plops a sandwich right in your hand.

We jest, of course. We know anything that smacks of socialism is bad and evil and un-American and we should just shut up and praise the good ol’ USA. Yeah! Go ‘Merica!

Now git back to work!


Speaking of work, don’t forget it’s time to start thinking of some of those end-of-summer/approach-to-winter things like rolling up the hose, thinking about getting the snow tires put on (we recommend mid-October) and shoveling some of the snow left over from last winter (Blue River only). We’re sure everyone has their own particular list of things to do, so do it! Or just procrastinate for a bit and do it only when you really, really have to.

Whew! All that talk of work makes us tired and wondering when the next three-day weekend is. The next sorta holiday is Columbus Day on October 10, but we think only banks get off for stuff like that. Looks like we’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving on November 24, which often morphs into a four-day holiday (but not for us, but we’re not complaining cuz we love our job etc. etc.).

So hang in there, folks.

We out.

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