Summit Up 9-6-12: Traveling the world without leaving the mothership |

Summit Up 9-6-12: Traveling the world without leaving the mothership

Summit Up

Stephanie Burt at her time-share in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., just out enjoying the surf and sun. Stephanie also added an adios to former SDN managing editor guy Alex Miller, saying 'I am sorry to hear that Alex is leaving our fair county for Denver, keep in touch and good luck in your new adventures.' We here at the SU Corporate Suites second that.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s getting by with a little help from our friends. Could it be anybody? Yes. Almost certainly, we’re really not picky! We just need somebody to love. And who doesn’t love getting by with the help of our friends?We want to say thanks to Stephanie Burt who sent in this pic while chillin’ in the sunshine! We love getting shots of the paper around the world! Keep sending them in and spread the notoriety of the awesome Summit Daily globally! And bring us along too – If you feel so inclined!!! Hint… Hint…Since we burden SO many of our friends with our constant demands, we’re figuring that we should pay it forward by giving a shout out to a former Summit County resident that could use a little help from their awesome mountain buddies.Joan Hintze McManus, known fondly by her comrades as “Scone,” may have moved away from SumCO in 2000, but many that learned how to snowboard from her epic-ly awesome lessons at Keystone and Breck or enjoyed her wicked, wonderful baking at Mountain Java or Blue Moon Bakery, might still be hangin’ around these parts and could therefore be of some assistance to an ol’ buddy.Joan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and her courageous battle continues. Her hubby, Tod, has been by her side the entire time and would appreciate it if all of us mountain folk could send the positive vibes and contributions to Naples, Fla.Joan is missing the old mountain crew and would appreciate to hear from old friends too. Consider this SU’s first ever premeditated Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!!Staff at the brain factory are calling for all Summit County Angels to lend a hand or just say hello to Joan and Tod during this rough time.They can be reached by phone at (239)354-2464, email or by snail mail at 5431 23rd Ave. SW, Naples, FL 34116.