Summit Up 9-8-10: Where we’re not afraid to say ‘Flying Fish!’ |

Summit Up 9-8-10: Where we’re not afraid to say ‘Flying Fish!’

by Summit Up
Bryan and Stephanie Burt of Dillon celebrate 20 years together today. They're heading to the Caribbean next month to mark the occasion - congratulations!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is grimacing a little bit after having to break out the fleece for the first time Tuesday morning for our morning commute. Wow – it’s like the people who figured out the calendar and the whole Labor Day/last day of summer thing really had things dialed this year. As soon as Labor Day Weekend was over – WHAMMO! Frost on the grass and all that.Oh well, we knew it was coming. Not like it’s a surprise or anything. We’re just feeling a little nostalgic about summer already, though. But rest assured, we’re pretty certain there’ll be some pretty nice days ahead. ***OK, we have here a note that looks and smells like a Scum Alert! but is maybe not there yet. See what you think:”The owner and resident of 155 Bucyrus, French Creek in Breck, left his yellow tool box and Craftsman floor jack on his property parking area near short walking path up to Vista Point neighborhood. When he returned home Monday evening they were missing. They definitely were not intended to be thrown away as they were on his property. He would greatly appreciate their return.”If you know anything about this and can help this fellow get his stuff back, call the Daily at 668-3998 and we’ll make the connection. Maybe after all it was a mistake …***This just in from the fabulous Jennifer Goldstein at the Breckenridge Resort Chamber:If You’re Always Looking For A Reason To Eat At The Hearthstone … Now you’ve got another one! It’s their 17th Annual Wine Dinner to benefit the Summit County Family & Intercultural Resource Center. Wines from Whitehall Lane Winery will be paired with a five-course dinner, featuring farm-to-table Colorado cuisine. Wine, hors d’oeuvres and a silent auction (you can bid on a chair from the Exhibition Lift at A Basin!) followed by dinner. Tickets are $100 and Hearthstone will donate 100 percent of proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction to FIRC. This all takes place Thursday, September 16 at 6 p.m. Call Hearthstone at 453-1148 or FIRC at 262-3888 to purchase tickets.Sounds like a pretty good deal all around!Jennifer also gave us this little tidbit:How cool is this – if you say “FLYING FISH!” when you walk into Mountain Flying Fish you will get 30 percent off all sushi rolls.Unless you’re shy, in which case you can say “Hello. I’ve heard you’re offering 30 percent off all sushi rolls.”Pretty good deal, and we like the option of not having to say “Flying Fish” because we’re frightfully shy and we might just pass out. And then we couldn’t enjoy the sushi and everyone would think we went overboard on the sake or something.OK, that’s it for today folks. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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