Summit Up 9-9-12: How do you get to South Park? |

Summit Up 9-9-12: How do you get to South Park?

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that can appreciate a blonde chick trying to pass as Cartman. Anyone else notice the red nail polish on “Kenny’s” fingernails?

We’re pretty excited to have this photo though, perhaps we even have the chance of being featured on the show. Hello!! Trey Parker!? Matt Stone!? Are you there? Can you hear us!? We’re a good ol’ hometown paper, give us our very own 15 minutes of fame – we’re dying here without our chance to shine!

This fine Sunday morning we’re bringing you the first-ever South Park Trivia Funday Extravaganza!

So listen up! Here’s question one:

Mr. and Ms. Garrison may be one in the same, but this character poses TWO first names. What are they?

Pictured here are traveling maniacs Livia Hoosen, Troy Sliter and Zane Lerew who are quite the crew indeed. Concurred? Concurred. How many clues did you follow to get to this awesome place? Give us a clue here, we’ll follow your clue.

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Answer to trivia – stay tuned. We out.