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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column clattering out “Flight of the Bumblebee” on the keyboard and banging “Inagottadavita” drum solos on the fax machine.

It occurred to us this morning, with a little help from our coffee crew, that if our job lacks anything, it’s noise. Heather at Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters, the mistress of mocha who knows our order because we never change it (we try to reserve our originality for this space), was banging a loaf of bread out of a mold when we arrived – loudly.

“It’s one of those days where you just feel like making a lot of noise,” she said.

How lucky you are, we thought. Yeah, there’s plenty of shouting here at the Corporate Suites, but that doesn’t count; that’s bad noise. We used to have the printing press in the back; that was good, heavy-machinery, shout-your-troubles-away noise. Our friends and field agents have lots of similarly good jobs: the kind where you get to throw tools around, shout on bullhorns and things like that.

But, no, the best we can do is TYPE IN ALL CAPS TO GIVE YOU THE IMPRESSION THAT WE’RE YELLING. And, again, that’s just yelling, not good noise. If we had some steam jets hissing around us, some pneumatic cylinders pumping and thumping, some lions roaring – just once in a while – who knows what good it would do us?


The folks at our local police departments get all kinds of strange complaints and requests. It’s not uncommon for Summit Up Land guests to call the police because they don’t have enough towels in their condo. Or the caller wants the police to help them collect a debt. The list goes on.

Wanda in Silverthorne called in this one: “You know you’re in a drought when someone comes to the door of the police department and wants to know if there’s anything to be done about the cars driving along the road and splashing people on the sidewalk.”

What, that’s not aggravated splash assault? Felony puddling?

We’d laugh harder, but we’re too busy blushing: We’re probably the suspect.


Former Summit Daily News editor and Summit Up Staffer Alex Miller still keeps tabs on his favorite mountain town. Even though he’s off in Hollywood, galavanting around with movie stars, he keeps up with news here. He e-mailed us this:

“My suggestion for what to do on the Frisco peninsula is to introduce the ancient Italian sport of bocce ball. Not only is it fun, but it will attract a great many older Italian men to Summit County, who will in turn open up great Italian restaurants, turn people on to opera and sports cars and help underscore the need for we members of the global community to embrace one another’s cultural attributes, thus leading to peace on earth.

“The name of the peninsula can be changed to “World Peace Peninsula,’ and people from around the world would come to Summit County not just to ski and play bocce ball (in summer, of course), but to slurp linguine, eat cannoli and tipple Chianti whilst espousing the virtues of cross-culturalism and handmade shoes. Build a golf course, and it’ll just be a bunch of white dudes from Lakewood motoring through PBRs and talking about their IRAs.

“Bocce Ball = Peace. Think about it.”


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We’re out making noise …

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