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Special to the DailyJonathan Bergstrom was quick with the camera to catch the results of what happens when SUV meets DUI - this is the alley next to the Whale's Tail in Breck, where someone didn't maintain proper control of their vehicle on March 4. Jonathan points out, "notice how narrowly the gas meter was missed." Now THAT would have made for a good picture.

Good morning and welcome to SummitUp, the world’s only daily column calling on all our readers to help fund the search for a cure to breast cancer. Actually, if our readers could help any of those scientists out there cure anything, we’d be extremely delighted (and a bit surprised, too).Dan in Fairplay asked us to remind everyone that the U.S. Postal Service is now selling books of stamps that contribute to breast cancer research. The books cost $8 (40 cents a stamp, as opposed to the usual 37 cents), and organizers hope to raise $35 million with the special stamps. So, Dan wants the Summit Up field agents to do two things: 1) run on down to the post office and buy some stamps, and B) e-mail all your friends and tell them to do the same thing.

And remember, once those scientists figure out a cure for cancer, they can move on to other important things, like figuring out what went wrong with Michael Jackson.***Natalie sent us an e-mail, and she didn’t call it a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!!, and it is pretty borderline, so we’ll leave it to all of you to decide.

Natalie lives in one of our neighboring counties. She has two boys, ages 3 and 11 months, as well as babysitting for two girls under four. So, as you might expect, Natalie is an expert on sick kids and germs.Typically, she explains, she’ll come over to Summit Up Land if she needs the assistance of a pharmacy. There is a pharmacy in her county, but the wait is intolerable, she says. Like two hours on average.

However, on a recent day, after being up all night with a child with two ear infections, Natalie says she was unable to come to Summit Up Land to get the prescribed antibiotics. So, she went to her hometown pharmacy. “I walked in and the pharmacy was still closed,” she writes. “It was 9:20 a.m.! After waiting for someone to acknowledge that I was a paying customer, I got an uncertain answer when my medicine would be ready. I was told to come back in a couple of hours! She told me this not even caring I was with a baby who was in severe pain. I think that this is absurd and I want the public to know how much we really do give up, and sacrifice while living in ‘paradise.'” Well, maybe someone over there’ll get the message after reading this, Natalie. We can only hope.

***It’s Tuesday, which we wished they just spelled “Twosday” or “Toosday” just to keep things consistent. Let us know how to spell other words easier at summitup@, or leave us a voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237. We’re out buying stamps …

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