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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that knows that, if we ever need proof that there are no guarantees in life, and that nothing is sacred forever, we can just sit in front of the TV until that commercial with “Hootie” singing about chicken sandwiches comes on.We hope our readers know which commercial we’re referring to: We couldn’t tell you which fast food place it is (because whenever this ad comes on we’re possessed – paralyzed even – by the plain oddness of it, losing all our keen powers of observation), but it’s the spot with Darius Rucker, formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish, strumming along singing about flowing streams of ranch dressing and blah, blah, blah.First, a few comments on “Hootie”: For a guy who gets ticked off when people call him that (his real name, mentioned above, just doesn’t seem to stick with the poor guy), you’d think dressing up like Gene Autry to hock sandwiches would be a suicide career move. But what do we know?And why would you, if you were a marketing executive for Arby’s or whatever, think, hey, if there’s one person who could sing a song and sell our sandwiches, it’s got to be Hootie? It gets a little sad for us, though, when we think about Hootie, and his Blowfish friends, 15 years ago. Then, you couldn’t scan through the radio dial without catching one of their songs playing. They were touring, and we hope, living high on the hog. We don’t know if they self-destructed like so many other popular music acts, if the rock star lifestyle took its toll, if weasely managers stole all their money and the rights to their music. But whatever it was, you can be sure that Mr. Rucker probably never envisioned himself aging quite like this.As we alluded, it’s probably best to never count your chickens, never say never and all those other proverbs that refer to not counting on things to last.***We like to call Fridays like this “ignominious.” Not because the word has anything to do with what we expect today to be like, we just don’t hear people use the word enough and were looking for any excuse to fit it in. Tell us what words you don’t think people use enough at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just spell it out for our ears on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out trying to figure out how a sandwich can be both tender and crisp …

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