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Summit Daily/Brad OdekirkFrisco dad Lee Gelman and son Josh, 5, pedal little sister Sydney west along Frisco's Main Street Saturday morning on their way to Walter Byron Park for the town's clean-up day.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering what kind of boob throws trash out their car window. Yep, you guessed right, we were one of the foot soldiers out there Saturday morning helping make Summit Up Land a cleaner place. Before we jump up on our soapbox and declare a whole lot of scum among our ranks, first we would like to issue hundreds of halos and angel wings to the saints who motivated Saturday morning to participate in the towns’ cleanup days. It was absolutely amazing to see so many people combing the roadways, river banks, parks and rec paths cleaning up trash. And, almost certainly, those who pick up trash are more than likely not the litterbugs among us. Tons of trash was picked up by these altruistic Samaritans, and it is nice to know that so many out there care about the community we live in.Moving on to the boobs out there – why? We live in a sophisticated society where trash cans line every main street in the county, Dumpsters are available and even our landfill is questionably the most scenic dump in the country.

Some out there think emptying their ashtray in a parking lot is perfectly fine. Some think a soiled diaper tossed out the car window is a better solution than disposing of it properly. Many, many people obviously would rather toss a soda bottle out of their car than take it home and trash it. Panty hose? Construction trash? Trousers? Christmas lights? It just doesn’t make sense to us.If ever we are made King for the Day, we would encourage all our minions to put their cell phones to good use and report litterbugs to authorities.”911 operator, how may I help you?””Hi 911, this is Joe Summit Up. You wouldn’t believe it, but I just saw some moron throw a six-pack of empty bottles out his car window.””Thanks Joe Summit Up, we will send you a cape for your efforts. Did you get a license plate number by chance?”

“Sure did. ZL SCUM driving a white Navigator.””We’ll nab him, Joe Summit Up. And that $1,000 litter fine you see posted along roadways, half of that will arrive with your cape.””Gee, that would be swell.”***Earlier this week, we wrote about a safety campaign to keep cell phone users off bikes. One of the safety-awareness campaigns we shelved is about running with scissors. We found out that our community puts scissors to good use.

Take Christina McLachlan and Jessica Horii for example. The two first-graders at Silverthorne Elementary got their hair cut and donated the clippings to Locks of Love, which helps kids who don’t have hair.Big-sized wings and halos to junior-sized Christina and Jessica. Never lose that lust for helping others. *** It’s Sunday, the day after cleanup day, and we’re out there counting the orange bags of trash just waiting for redemption along local roads and highways. If you have a trashy Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! phone it in at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237 or pedal your tandem mountain bike with kiddie car attached to Summit Up Headquarters at 40 Main St. in Frisco and drop us a note through the slot.

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