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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering how in the world we made it all the way from Keystone to Interstate 70 in Silverthorne without getting stopped by a red light.

Neither did we get stopped by a man or a woman with a badge and a radar gun.

But we must have been doing something wrong. Nobody, but nobody can run that string of lights without hitting one. Could it be that the Great Light Timer at CDOT figured it out? No way.

But think about it. What if life were such that if we maintained a certain speed, maybe even the speed limit, we could motor all the way between Keystone and the north end of Silverthorne without being stopped by a light?

We don’t think we are asking for much.


Often, our police scanner tells us of reports of road rage. People flipping people off, tailgating, passing improperly, you name it, it happens.

At times, life here in Summit Up Land can get intense.

Personally, we think the problem is people going 5 mph under the speed limit and lining up 25 cars behind them.

But hey, we’re mellow, so we don’t care. We just pass on the right and wave hello.

Just kidding, Sheriff John Minor. It’s a joke Capt. Ron Prater.

But are we part of the problem, or part of the solution?

Maybe that’s why the Breckenridge Police Department has taken such a liking to speed enforcement along Highway 9 now that it’s off season and there aren’t enough drunks to chase around downtown Breckenridge.

We’re all for a safe society, but it seems like the good old Breck PD days when the cops were showing how big-city they were. We’ve been radar-gunned so many times we glow in the dark.


OK, so the Western Governors Association annual conference is coming to town, starting next Sunday through Tuesday.

We want to know who’s going to bust Calif-e-fornia Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger when he lights up his stogie in a restaurant?

We don’t know if The Terminator is coming, yet, but if we were the Breck PD, we’d start laying plans.

Maybe Mrs. Terminator, Maria Shriver will be coming, as well. If there’s anybody who could use a double order of chili cheese fries at Downstairs at Eric’s there one.

Meanwhile, local officials are hoping we give the guvs and their hangers-on the royal treatment.

We absolve not to give anybody the finger, not to cuss anybody out, not to pass without signalling and clean up our dog’s mess when necessary.

And that’s on the paved rec path …

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