Summit Up June 10, 2010: The Good, the Bad and the Guy in the Fanny Pack |

Summit Up June 10, 2010: The Good, the Bad and the Guy in the Fanny Pack

Joe Kidd
AP PhotoIn our random photo du jour, policemen perform physical exercises at the parade ground in Allahabad, India, Wednesday, begging the question of Summit County Sheriff John Minor: Minor! Can your boys do this??!! Remember it's an election year!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is dead set against packing heat in a fanny pack. We were kicking around various ideas regarding carrying a concealed weapon here at the Suites t’other day and the topic of gun fanny packs came up. These actually exist (and we found this one online at for the low, low – if slightly odd – price of $52.64), and the idea is you have your gun in this thing that looks like an innocuous fanny pack that could be holding, say, a package of gum, some hand sanitizer, a copy of Readers Digest and other supremely non-threatening things. But then, when some thug comes up to you and says “Hey fruitbag! Yeah, you in the fanny pack! Your money or your life!” you pull the secret string or whatever and your Glock 9mm unfurls itself. It leaps into your hand as if it were born to be there and blazes away at aforementioned thug. And that’ll teach anyone to laugh at guys in fanny packs – or those wearing manbags or murses!

Think back, though, if you will, to a film like “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” with Clint Eastwood as the ultimate badass with a gun. What would it have looked like if, instead of a hip holster (two of them, in fact), Clint’s Man With No Name had a leathery Old West style fanny pack? We can’t see it. He would have laughed at that, as well as something like a Taser or a can of mace. Would Eli Wallach or Lee Van Cleef taken him seriously? Not hardly, and they totally would have beat him to the draw in that final shootout if he was doing the fanny pack thing.

We’re just sayin’. Maybe a fannypack holster thingy is fine for today’s modern vigilanted/paranoid gun nut kinda guy or gal, but in the Old Spaghetti West, b’golly, you’d better have your heater out in plain view.

Then again, a spoof film titled “The Good, the Bad and the Guy in the Fanny Pack” might be kinda funny.


OK, moving on to more real stuff, we have note here from our columnist Joanne Stolen in Breck (read her cool moose piece today on page 11) who writes as such:

“Can you pass the word around that my son’s girlfriend Carly White has a film at the Breck Film Festival called “Pink Spray Paint.” It is at 6 p.m. Friday at the Town Hall video ampitheater. It is something she did while studying in Paris. She graduated from Cal Arts last May with my son and they live in LA. It’s her first festival showing.”

Consider it done, Joanne – sounds like a cool film. And that reminds us: If you’re not dialed yet for the Breckenridge Festival of Film, get on it, doggonit! There’s tons of wicked-cool films showing this weekend, and you can get all kinds of tix and info at


Next up is a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! going out from Scott Reid to … “The people who believe it is OK to dump their household garbage, old couches, containers of paint thinner, and used appliances, etc. on public lands, trails and trailheads? Really? REALLY? Is it OK for you to dump your old junk in areas where people go for fresh air, mountain views and respite? For shame!”

Sheesh, we agree. It’s like when we come across stuff along the road that was obviously tossed out a car window. Really? Is that really where some folks are at in this world? Hard to believe.


Fortunately, in order to restore karmic balance to the universe, we also have an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Barb Edstrom, who writes thusly:

“A special thanks to Wendy Myers who stopped and helped me when I had a flat tire goint up Swan Mountain Tuesday morning. Not only did she stop, but called her husband and visiting friend, who also came and changed the tire. Angels ARE here in Summit County.”



Whoa! Look at the time! We’ve gotta go clean up the highway by Farmer’s Korner … we’re not sure why! We out …

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