Summit Up June 15, 2010: Enveloped in the smell of bacon |

Summit Up June 15, 2010: Enveloped in the smell of bacon

by Oscar Mayer
Special to the Daily The Wake 'n Bacon alarm clock.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is still a little disoriented after a trip over to Breck for the ol’ Film Festival on Saturday. Back in the day, there used to be this ugly old building called the Bell Tower Mall on the corner of Main Street and Park Avenue. What it lacked in good looks, however, it made up for in parking and directional simplicity. In its place now is Main Street Station, which is a lovely, modern kinda place but also the most confusing bit of real estate in the whole county, so far as we’re concerned. If you park in the underground parking lot, there are few signs to help you find your way up and out or back in and down, and you wind up getting horribly turned around and, well, lost if you’re not careful.All we’re saying is please, put up some signs in there so we don’t get lost on the way to all the fine shops up top! Plus, we’ve seen enough zombie flicks to know that zombies love underground parking garages – they’re always hanging out down there waiting for some live flesh to be walking around, and we don’t want to be the next victims!***So bunches of people were all over Facebook over the weekend posting photos and even video of the amazing June snow. And while we admit that it pretty much sucks to have a rainy/snowy weekend after the weather’s been so nice, we would remind everyone – especially you newbies out there – that snow in June is not that terribly unusual, unwelcome as it may be. Why, we remember one day in the 80s or 90s when it snowed on the Fourth of July. It actually looked cool, having the ‘works reflected against the falling snow. all the same, we’d prefer “hot” weather in the mid 70s for the Fourth, thank you very much!***OK, here’s a Smarty Pants Alert! going out to Daniela Lopez-Morales, a Summit High grad who just scored her BA in biochemistry from Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Daniela is the daughter of Dolores & Jose Lopez of Breckenridge. Congrats!***Heather in Dillon sends over a Too Many Cops Alert! reading thusly:”Is it just me or does seeing five cops on your way home from Frisco to Dillon just plain obnoxious? I mean maybe if I lived in a gang-ridden community where my life was on the line just to commute from work to home but this is Summit County. A friend of mine got pulled over and fined $150 for going 4 miles over the speed limit. I got a ticket from not wearing my seatbelt on my way to the post office. I think our local cops have nothing to do but pick on the locals. It is unfortunate that my taxpayer dollars have resulted in more bills for me due to boredom of our local officers. I’m one of you! Just tryng to get to work and keep a job in this crappy economy! Get over yourselves! Pick on a tourist … oh I forgot they are God’s gift around here for shame to pull one of them over!”We sense a little bit of anger there, Heather, but we understand. With summer season heating up big time this weekend, though, hopefully the cops will be busy with other stuff and will remove the laser focus from teeny infractions committed by locals! So chill out, cops, and remember: That ticket you just issued for $50 or $100 can mean the difference on whether someone can buy their weekly groceries – especially if you’re unemployed or undermployed or even fully employed and making $10 an hour or whatever. Have a heart!***So someone sent us an e-mail with information about the amazing Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock. The idea is that nothing gets up sleepyhead faster than the smell of cooking bacon, and this is an actual alarm clock that cooks some bacon automatically for you so that, you know, you’re wakin’ to bacon (as opposed to baking).We found this interesting, amusing and slightly disturbing, but what really tickled us was that, in the course of looking for the above photo online, we came across a website called This is a site for all things bacon, including bacon desserts (!), bacon books, bacon news and other stuff like how to paint your fingernails to look like bacon. If bacon’s your thing, this is most definitely your website!MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: How/where do we buy a Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock? We have a, um, friend who might be interested.SU: We’re not sure, this may just be a prototype you’d have to make yourself! Gotta run – have a thrilling Tuesday!

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