Summit Up: Purple rain all in my brain |

Summit Up: Purple rain all in my brain

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering if the purple rain above was related to the purple haze hanging over the Dillon Ampitheater after the Pink Floyd laser show on Saturday.

First, global warming and now global baking.

According to our Summit Up spies … er, correspondents, quite a few people at the concert this weekend were exercising their newfound Amendment 64 freedoms.

We know. It’s shocking — marijuana smoke at a Pink Floyd cover band concert! What’s next? LSD at a “2001: A Space Odysessy” screening?

Apparently, in Summit County, sparking up is how we celebrate our independence.

However, not everyone was thrilled with the Freedom Fog. Parents with children tend not to like smoke of any kind in their face. We humbly suggest that smokers take a look around before they burn one down. Toke responsibly, guys.


Since moving Summit Up World Headquarters to 331 W. Main Street, certain SDN readers are at a loss on where to pick up their paper. Yes, we know we have locations throughout Summit County. However, certain readers — a steady parade of them — have always come to the source to get their copy. The boxes that used to sit outside of our old location have now moved to Streamside Lane, just off Main Street, right outside our new building.

Until tomorrow.

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