Summit Up: SDN christens new digs in high style |

Summit Up: SDN christens new digs in high style

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is now officially written in the Mount Royal We.

Sorry, we can’t get enough of our new view of Frisco’s favorite pile of rocks. Speaking of rocks, have you seen our new digs?

On Friday afternoon, the Summit Daily News invited community members to come check our new offices at 331 Main Street in Frisco. We greatly appreciate the folks who attended the event, drank a few cold ones and gave the place a much-needed warming up.

And just as we’re displaying photos from the SDN’s soiree, we’re hoping to bring more images of the Summit’s many community events into our pages. In short, we want more names and faces in the paper. We hope to do this in two ways. Of course, SDN staffers will be out and about, with cameras in hand, snapping away at fundraisers, galas and barbecues. But we’re also hoping that you will send us photos as well. You already do a great job of sending us wildlife shots and images of the SDN abroad. Help us add to that mix photos from the Summit’s many social gatherings. Are you ready for your close-up, Summit?

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