Summit Up: Where dogs stare, snouts pressed on the glass |

Summit Up: Where dogs stare, snouts pressed on the glass

The Denver Bronco cheerleaders were at the Dam Brewery the other night. Joe McIntyre, a Dillon Dam Mug Clubber, got in the middle of the action.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wishing we could be a pooch.

Why? It takes so little to entertain them.

Our dog has recently become obsessed with staring intently outside – whether it’s through a glass door, window or even through the shades – and she does it for hours.

We’re pretty sure she’s going to leave a permanent nose print, as her snout is pressed against the glass incessantly.

Squirrels and birds unfortunately don’t hold our attention, but we wish they could. Instead of a lunch with a buddy, we could invite them over for a good stare. It would be ever so much more cost effective.

What does your dog like to do?

E-mail us at summitup@ summit We bet it’s pretty funny, whatever it is.


We recently asked locals and visitors to tell us about their favorite fresh produce and give us some preparation tips.

Terri Grossman wrote in, saying: “I am visiting from Texas, down NASA way, and enjoy reading your column. My husband and I have been in Copper Mt. since June 2 and as usual, we are enjoying every minute of it until we leave for home around July 2. It will be hot, hot, hot down there. Anyway, my favorite veggie is purple hull peas. All you do is bring them to a first boil, pour that water off and add more water and a beef bouillon cube. Cook over low heat until tender. I have eaten them cooked with bacon grease and a slice or two of bacon and they are good that way too. When the peas are tender, and you cannot stand the aroma any longer, eat them with a slice of cornbread, without sugar please, and a slice of purple onion. It just doesn’t get any better! Have a great day!”

Thanks, Terri! Those are some great suggestions. And keep ’em coming, Summit Up readers everywhere. Send us your tips!


We unfortunately also have some bad news. Janet Hokel of Breckenridge sent in a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!!: “At 1:45 in the morning on Thursday (6/24) in the Town of Breck, two very loud ATVers entered our neighbor’s property, then crossed over onto our property. While exiting, among other things, they knocked down and broke a section of an ‘old time’ fence, and flattened one of our Colorado Spruce seedlings. This may be a good time to remind visitors and locals alike to please respect private-property rights, please respect the environment, and please keep in mind that most folks are probably trying to sleep at that hour (we’re pretty sure they woke up the entire neighborhood). To the two ATVers involved, you were very disrespectful and completely thoughtless and careless in your actions. You do NOT have the right to go willy nilly wherever you want, whether on a motorized vehicle or on foot, just because it suits your whim at the moment. We hope you will think more clearly next time and do NOT do this again. Would you want someone to do this to you and your family’s property? We think not.”


We’re out, jamming out to Check it out!

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