Summit’s crazy drivers |

Summit’s crazy drivers

To my surprise, I found one area where it was my problem. There is not one place in the handbook where it says, “stay to the right except to pass on a four-lane highway.”

In fact, to my surprise it says, “You may pass on the right.” I thought only Californians had that God-given right. If any of you have driven in Europe or anywhere outside the United States, it is the rule, and in my humble opinion, still should be here. Anyway, that was my only real surprise about changes in the rules since my last exam.

So, I think I was still on the right track for criticizing the terrible driving habits and lack of courtesy of most drivers. I generally blame it on them transferring their road rage from Denver to us and not being able to relax and enjoy the mountains.

Have you noticed how few people use their turn signals? I yell at my wife “is their arm broken or are they just rude?”

When I grew up, we didn’t have turn signals and you stuck your hand outside in the cold, snow or rain and signaled your intentions, mainly because it was a courtesy to other drivers.

Does anyone else get nervous with drivers who follow too closely? Sometimes I cannot see the little car behind me in the rear view mirror of my SUV, and I assume the driver is trying to take advantage of my draft.

But I am beginning to believe it is more of a game to see how close they can get and how much they can irritate the driver in front of them. Traveling on Highway 9 to Breckenridge the other morning, at least six cars were in the ditch. They could not stop on black ice because they were staying on the bumper of the car in front of them. Most of them were SUVs. Hope they now know four-wheel drive does not help you stop.

Now, to a problem we cannot blame on the Front Rangers. The handbook says “keep windshield clean inside and out, and clear ice/snow from all windows.”

I think it is a rule for some of our locals not to wash or clean their cars between September and May. And it seems important for them to store all their worldly possessions in the car and on the dashboard. I hope they have radar to see where they are going.

I admit guilt to failing one section of the drivers handbook – that of being an aggressive driver according to the following definitions: “I make negative comments about other drivers to riders in my car, and I mentally condemn other drivers as incompetent or stupid.” Sorry, but I am trying to reform.

Seriously, it is a big problem here and everywhere we drive in our country. Driving is assumed to be a right and not a privilege. It is too easy to get a license. Driving is not viewed as being responsible for a dangerous weapon.

We should all be tested more often, and the tests should be more exhaustive, as they are in Europe. But all in all, the biggest problem is a lack of courtesy and regard for others, including our passengers, when we get behind the wheel.

Glenn Vawter

Summit Cove

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