Summit’s October births |

Summit’s October births

■ Daniel Andrew Lubneuski was born on Sept. 30 to Andrei Lubneuski and Anna Kharitnova of Dillon.

■ Jonah Ryder Lee was born on Oct. 2 to Dave and Gentry Lee of Silverthorne.

■ Mary Jane Jo Hansen was born on Oct. 4 to Jessica Catalano-Hansen and Erik Hansen of Dillon.

■ Christian Robert Walton was born on Oct. 2 to Robyn Boyce and Wayne Walton of Breckenridge.

■ Aiden James Hibler was born on Oct. 5 to Tex and Caitlin Hibler of Fairplay.

■ Rosemary Heidi Ahern was born on Oct. 5 to Katie Schmidt and Ryan Ahern of Breckenridge.

■ Archie James Holmes was born on Oct. 6 to Therese and Oliver Holmes of Dillon.

■ Lillian Aspyn Lane was born on Oct. 10 to Mike and Reagan Lane of Silverthorne.

■ Jaxson Kaleb Feia was born on Oct. 9 to Gabe and Romi Feia of Breckenridge.

■ Lenora Louise Ponce de Leon on Oct. 12 Joseph and Melissa Ponce de Leon of Leadville.

■ Jack Bear Makai Bickmore was born on Oct. 17 to Matthew and Natasha Bickmore of Frisco.

■ Violet Cassidy Smith was born on Oct. 17 to Ashley and James Smith in Breckenridge.

■ Antonio Eduardo Gallego was born on Oct. 17 to Francisco and Kathy Gallego Breckenridge.

■ Liv Lynne Mace was born on Oct. 22 to Jesse and Britt Mace of Dillon.

■ Madilyn Brynn Mason was born on Oct. 21 to Matthew and Sarah of Blue River.

■ Jeremy Josue Arguelles Cruz was born on Oct. 22 to Veronica Teresita Arguelles Cruz of Dillon.

■ Leonardo Douglas Vitalone was born on Oct. 23 to Marge and Tom Vitalone of Breckenridge.

■ Thorval Wayne Sabados was born on Oct. 24 to Kelly R. Palmer and Stetson S. Sabados of Parshall.

■ Leah Summit Duncan was born on Oct. 26 to Ally and Matt Duncan of Leadville.

■ Riley Anne Henning-Quinlan was born on Oct. 28 to Kimberly and Brendan of Fairplay.

■ Andrea Camila Alfaro was born on Oct. 27 to Miquel and Adela of Breckenridge.

■ Ian Auilar Chairez was born on Oct. 30 to Llarely Chairez Meza and Juan Aguilar of Leadville.

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