Support for Mike Turek, Robin Theobald and David Love |

Support for Mike Turek, Robin Theobald and David Love

Kenneth Trausch
Guy Bigelow
Past presidents, Breckenridge Sanitation District

It has been our honor and pleasure to serve this community as past Presidents of the Board of Directors for the Breckenridge Sanitation District. The Board continues to provide for the protection of water quality and public health at some of the lowest costs in Summit County and without any mill levy tax on your real estate property.

The District continues to be recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the most outstanding utilities in the United States. The District under the direction of the Board of Directors was recently awarded numerous State of Colorado Awards and National EPA Environmental Achievement Awards. This success would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the Board and staff.

On May 6, the Breckenridge Sanitation District will be conducting an election for new board members. We urge the constituents of the District to vote for the incumbents Mr. Mike Turek and Mr. Robin Theobald and write-in candidate Mr. Dave Love.

Having served with these candidates, we truly believe they will continue the strong environmental protection polices and operate a fiscally responsible independent special district.

In the coming months and years the District will be facing many issues that will require their sound, historical and global perspectives. We strongly urge them to continue the negotiations for the Blue River Pump Back in an effort to maintain the protection of water flows and increasing water quality in the Blue River.

Mr. Turek, Mr. Theobald and Mr. Love are true leaders and are dedicated to the protection of the entire Upper Blue Basin.

They deserve your vote on May 6.

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