Support, sort of, for Wilner |

Support, sort of, for Wilner

Kim JohnsonFrisco

Re: An open letter to the Summit Community (from Gabriel D. Wilner)Duude! You are so lucky. If I would have come home drunk, (never mind getting busted for underage drinking), my parents would have taken away my car, my college fund, my cell phone and grounded me for life! Instead it appears your parents are fixing to sue the school district, the superintendent and any one else in your path. Cool. That was a great letter too, if you wrote it all by yourself, without any help from your folks or their attorneys, then thank your English teacher! Them were some mighty lawyer-like words for a teenager: depreciated, behest, intransigence, literal interpretation, deplorable and my personal favorite – “undue stress and hardship.” Sue on, Gabe!!!Good luck, you are gonna need it! You obviously have a strong ego and are a talented musician (featured soloist) with a lust for liquor. But think a bit about your life in the fishbowl. Where did you think you were … Vegas? (What happens in Breck stays in Breck – not!) Duh!I will spare you the lecture about the evils of hooch. I imagine lots of other folks will howl about teenage drunkenness! But good job not driving drunk or really good job fabricating that story about wanting to leave the party early! Sounds better than, “I passed out in my car”. And they bought it!!!Anyway, you did apologize publicly and that takes guts! And you will no doubt learn much this summer about contacts (covering conduct and otherwise) and zero tolerance and all that other nanny-state stuff that school districts have resorted to since parents would rather sue than discipline.

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