Suppression of genetically modified food is helping to starve the Third World |

Suppression of genetically modified food is helping to starve the Third World

Robert Cooper - Breckenridge

I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. James Bennett of the Keystone Symposia about the overreaction to genetically modified food.

While I do not have the expertise he does, I do know this – hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions, of citizens of Third World countries, mostly in Africa, will die from starvation due to European “concerns” about the safety of these crops.

This is both fallacious and self-serving, and should be criminal. They could not care less about those who die, mostly children, from their “arm-twisting” of some African governments that this is “unsafe food.”

If you or your children were living in Africa and starving to death would you care if the food was genetically engineered?

Would you even know what it meant?

Or would you be thankful to eat something that has been fed to hundreds of millions of Americans and others for decades and caused no harm whatsoever?

How truly pathetic these socialist European countries are.

By the way, France genetically modifies the grapes it uses to make wine and champagne, and Germany does the same to its crops used to brew beer.

We, the civilized world, prosecute dictators and thugs who purposely murder, torture and maim innocent people to keep their power.

How is this different?

As Dr. Bennett pointed out, this isn’t about what’s safe and what’s unsafe, it’s about economics. And the fact of the matter is, American farmers produce more than all the other farmers in the world, and feed most of the world as a result.

This is not due to luck. It’s due to technology. It started with crop rotation, and our technology that has evolved over the decades has taken us to a new level where foreign governments are worried about their agricultural industries.

And these Euro-socialist countries are so concerned, they’re willing to let others die, which is unconscionable.

We as a people in America have been eating genetically modified foods for more than 30 years. Are we dying off because of this? Of course not. To the contrary, life expectancy continues to increase.

While this may not be related specifically to genetically modified food, what this does allow is that more food per acre is grown, with less contamination due to less pesticide being needed.

Hence, the food is grown less expensively and more abundantly, since by modifying the genetics of each plant, less pesticide is needed to control insects that can decimate entire crops.

Robert Cooper


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