Susan Spencer: Vote YES to stop name-calling |

Susan Spencer: Vote YES to stop name-calling

Bob Bloch (SDN April 8) uses the word NIMBY to drive a wedge between the folks who live BY the Peak One parcel and the folks who want to live ON the Frisco, Colorado Peak One parcel. These two small groups have the most at stake in the Peak One development, and will be neighbors one day. They are both important stakeholders and have a lot in common.

In fact, the people I’ve listened to, who live BY the parcel, are generally in favor of housing on the parcel, but are understandably concerned with how the parcel is actually developed. Interestingly, the people I’ve listened to, who want to live ON the parcel, share similar concerns.

Both of these groups are concerned with things like density of housing, quality of housing and usable open space. Both groups want a neighborhood that is not only affordable, but also livable. On these core issues, there tends to be more agreement than disagreement between the future neighbors.

I understand both groups have a large stake in this development, but believe neither group should make the final decisions. A YES vote will allow a third, larger group to weigh the town council’s development plans, subject them to public discussions, and then vote. This larger group owns the land that will be donated for this project. They are the citizens of Frisco.

Frisco citizens have shown repeatedly that they will take their responsibility seriously. Land votes have had double to triple the turnout compared to our town council elections. A YES vote will establish a process where we can all be heard.

Let’s rise above the name-calling, and vote YES to ensure future votes of Frisco citizens.

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