Tabak: Restoring lost rights |

Tabak: Restoring lost rights

Herb Tabak, Breckenridge

On Jan. 18, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia handed down a surprising decision enjoining the IRS from enforcing its discriminatory regulatory requirements for tax return preparers who are not attorneys or CPAs. For the first time, a court has decided that the public will be better served if all service providers are duly qualified.

The decision clearly points out to the IRS that the focus should be on competency, not on past credentials. The public has been, and continues to be, ill served by automatic waivers granted to attorneys (by attorneys).

In his classic book “Animal Farm,” George Orwell comments that while “All animals are equal, Pigs are more equal.”

This court decision is a call to action and suggests that equality in representation is necessary to achieve equality in results. Hopefully, this seemingly innocuous decision leads to major decisions restoring citizen rights to privacy, equal treatment under the law and other lost rights. A good start would be mandatory legislative branch term limits equal to those imposed by the legislative branch against the CEO of the executive branch of the federal government.

Herb Tabak, Breckenridge

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