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Teacher clearly motivated Wilner

In all of the brouhaha over a student’s transgression an important person is being maligned. As a former high school student with some measure of talent I was often praised by my teachers and coaches. It never occurred to me to think that I was the only one being praised and because they praised me I was somehow indispensable. As a former high school teacher I learned very quickly that one way to motivate students and keep them involved is to hype their efforts, demonstrate you care, praise them for their work, make them feel on top of the world. It never occurred to me to think that any particular student was then led to believe that he was the only one worthy of praise and would then sneer at his fellow students’ abilities to carry on without his presence. For one student to think that the success or failure of his fellow students was dependent on his talents is to malign his classmates’ talents and Ms. Texera’s judgment. Ms. Texera cannot comment, but it is my belief that Ms Texera, as the excellent teacher that she is, praised this student as she did numerous others. He, with the help of his parents, is the one who allowed himself to be deluded into thinking her praise meant that all success depended on his youthful shoulders.There is possibly more skewed here than his drinking.

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