Teams chip away at Day 3 of International Snow Sculpture Championships |

Teams chip away at Day 3 of International Snow Sculpture Championships

Krista Driscoll
Krista Driscoll /

The sun was beginning to set over Breckenridge, but the overhead spotlights hadn’t yet been turned on as teams scrambled across scaffolding and chiseled at 20-ton blocks of snow on Day 3 of the International Snow Sculpture Championships on Thursday, Jan. 29.

Keith Martin, of defending champions Team Breckenridge, scraped away at a detail in his team’s sculpture, titled “The Sculptor.”

“It’s the 25th anniversary,” he said of the event. “And we wanted to pay tribute to 25 years of the competition and people who have been coming from all over the world to participate.”

Martin’s teammate, Tim West, of Blue River, said though he doesn’t consider himself an artist, it’s fun to be in the company of people who create art for a living and are able to translate that artistic vision onto a block of snow.

“You see the same teams coming back, you’re meeting new teams and you’re creating a friendship bond,” he said, adding that it’s great to spend time with his own team, whom he doesn’t often see. “None of us live in the same town anymore, so it’s a great excuse to meet up with them.”

The Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships continue through Saturday, Jan. 31, at which time the sculptures will be judged and will remain in display through Sunday, Feb. 8. For information on the event, visit

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