Tech tips: Stuff to help, and stuff to make you laugh |

Tech tips: Stuff to help, and stuff to make you laugh

Erin Pheil

Typing the exact same snippets of text over and over is nothing more than a waste of time and another big step down the path toward Carpal Tunnel City.

If you find yourself frequently entering the same text over and over into input fields, forms, webmail-based emails, blogs, blog comments, or forums, save yourself a bit of time by using the Clippings extension for your Firefox browser (because you are using Firefox and not Internet Explorer, right?)

The Firefox Clippings extension allows you to quickly and easily paste various snippets of often-typed text into forms, blogs, emails, etc. while on the web. Save your wrists! To download this nifty extension along with a great Quick Start Guide, visit

If you own a Mac and aren’t running an older operating system, chances are you’ve heard of Widgets. If you own a PC and have already upgraded to Windows Vista, chances are you’ve heard of Gadgets. If you’re still running XP, this next little bit of information doesn’t pertain to you.

For the ultimate resource offering the latest Gadgets and Widgets, head over to You won’t be disappointed; the site is overflowing with useful and/or fun Gadgets and Widgets for you to download and run on your computer. The site is clean and easy to use, and there’s a great FAQ page as well as a forum to answer all your questions.

Here are three links friends have shared with me over the past month that are sure to make you chuckle (or at least grin). No need to watch them now ” perhaps consider tucking them away for one of those days when things aren’t going your way.

Top Ten Worst Domain Names:

Patches, the Coolest Horse Ever:

A (Real) Shopping Penguin:

Enjoy, and see you next Friday!

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