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Ted Pilling: Rumors and eyesores in Breckenridge

Ted Pilling

First, the “rumor”: I have heard, no less than a half dozen times, the same “rumor” floating around Breckenridge this summer. One source I heard speak the “rumor” is none other than the spouse of a key management staff member of the BRC. The “rumor” implies and suggests the Town of Breckenridge is giving serious consideration, possibly having already decided, to tear down and replace the existing Transit Station. “Rumor” has it, the logic being, that since the Colorado Department of Transportation paid for the construction of the present Transit Station; that since local tax dollars weren’t used to fund the construction we (the town) should have the choice to tear it done and rebuild one “we like,” rebuild one that is more attractive and in-sync with the town’s overall architectural theme. Is there something wrong with the present Transit Station?

Could this possibly be true? I have searched, read and re-read the minutes of the Town of Breckenridge Council meetings published online, to no avail. I can find no reference in any meeting minutes of the subject. Perhaps it is just as it sounds, nothing more than “a rumor.” However, to assure all citizens that may have heard the same, please investigate and publish an article of your findings. It is important we all understand if, how and why our council plans to spend our tax dollars.

And now for the eye-sore: Congratulations to the town for cleaning up, planting grass and making the south end of Main Street visually appealing. It looks quite nice and is being well maintained. But (there is always a “but”), what in the world is going on with the plan and construction of the landscaping within the median of Highway 9 north of town? Its been over a year since the project began and to this day we have what appears to be nothing more than weeds growing wildly between the lanes ” and from within the cracks of the newly installed stone pavers. Further, how does whomever planned (and planted) the layout of ornamental shrubs, trees and flowers ever expect maintenance to mow the grass (if we ever have grass!)? It appears (to this casual observer) the spacing between the plantings will not allow nor accommodate a mower of the smallest size, let alone an industrial-sized riding mower. Frankly, as recently expressed to me by out-of-town guests, “it’s a mess.” As the primary entrance to our town one would hope (and should expect) to have a well planned, well constructed, maintained, manicured and visually pleasing gateway. If Frisco and Silverthorne can do it, surely Breckenridge can as well. Perhaps the crack investigative team from the SDN could investigate and report on this as well.

And in closing, could the recent ill-conceived decision by the Town of Breckenridge to allow skateboarding on our streets be simply nothing less than the first step of a manipulative strategy to gain taxpayer approval to build a multi-million dollar skate park? You know, “let’s try it for a year … and when it doesn’t work (as any sane adult of average intelligence would bet on!) we’ll surface a mill increase to build a skate park as an alternative.” Could it be … could our elected officials be that devious, manipulative and have such foresight? Naw … probably not. No sense giving them more credit than they deserve. We’ll see … as they say, “stay tuned for news at 11 (a.k.a.-sometime around Sept./Oct. ’09).

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