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Teeny-weenie dam problem?

As an occasional visitor to Summit County and Colorado native daughter, I read with interest your recent issue on Denver Water’s closure of the Dillon Dam Road. I live near-by the gigantic Shasta Dam in northern California, and while it was initially closed post-9/11 until security issues and general panic could be resolved, it is again open for public assess, as are the tours of the inner dam structures.

If somehow Shasta Dam, which is clearly more strategic as the headwaters of all the Central Valley irrigation projects in California, can be “made safe,” I’m sure if Denver Water wanted, it too could figure a way to reopen Dillon Dam road access. Certainly if a terrorist wanted to blow up Denver Water’s small dam on Dillon Reservoir, the current barricades are no deterrent as long as you allow the bike path and boats to still access the area.

And why is Denver Water just getting worried about the safety of Dillon dam seven years post 9/11? The timing hints at either incompetence in disaster planning, or opportunistic BS.

To step this up another notch of the weird, making 911 responders call a security guard which turns out to be voice mail is beyond ridiculous. For the interim, if DWP deems they “must” barricade the dam, why not install those photoelectric powered gates so common on estate properties and give the 911 responders the pass code?

I think bloggers might be on to a “political” motive or posturing relative to the upcoming DNC, for Denver Water to have acted so capriciously in the first place, and then to maintain a butt-headed stance after they have been called on their behavior.

Someone’s got their hands in someone’s pockets, and this is risking the lives of people who might need 911 assistance on the Dam Road. I’ve worked in Disaster and Emergency Preparedness planning, and Denver Water thumbing the proverbial nose at collaboration with the local Summit County disaster planners is a big no-no.

Nope, I wouldn’t be surprised if this issue is amazingly “resolved” once the DNC clears out of Denver, and Denver Water has neatly pocketed a tidy sum of “homeland security” funds thanks to you, the ever-gullible taxpayers. Keep digging to get to the bottom of this skull-dugerty; it makes good reading.

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