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Terror is always wrong

RE: Eco-terrorism and the Trial of the Century (Writers on the Range, April 11)In response to the column written by Robert Amon, I find repulsive the notion that terrorism is “OK” if your cause is just. I’m sure al-Qaida is in full agreement.I love Colorado’s open spaces, rivers and forests. We have vast wilderness areas, lynx, mountain lions, bears, moose, elk, trout, etc. We should work within the system to protect all of our Earth’s wild beauty.Burning private or public property does nothing to protect things wild. All that was accomplished by the senseless attack on Vail Mountain was a waste of a beautiful building and the waste of natural resources to rebuild it – at a cost to all of us. Our town of Alma was the victim of a Domestic Terrorism Attack a few years ago and more recently, the town of Granby suffered the same type of attack. Once again, all that was accomplished was a waste of public buildings and need of insurance funds to replace all that was destroyed – at a cost to every property owner.We live in a democracy, and your chance to protest is known as “voting.” We are fortunate to live in Colorado and have the opportunity to get involved in the political process. I hope the young people of Colorado and the rest of our great country will learn from the tragic mistakes which these misguided young Americans have made.Terror is not cool. It’s just wrong.The people who terrorize our country know that far too many Americans, especially young people, can be apathetic and a little lazy. They are banking on you not getting registered and voting to protect all things wild. Now is the time. This is the place for this political battle to take place. Read the papers and support the politicians who have similar views. If none of your local candidates are right for you, run for office in your local area and work to change things in a peaceful, nonviolent way.

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