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Terry Stinnette: Clean energy the cure for what ails us

Terry Stinnette

Having just listened to the presidential candidates debate, I was struck by John McCain’s talk of war. The focus of the debate was supposedly going to be concerning foreign policy and with the financial distractions this week there was useful time spent on that subject, but when it got down to talking about foreign policy, it seemed like the discussion was actually about war policy. Undoubtedly John McCain has war experience far exceeding that of most Americans, but when talk of foreign policy is dominated by talk of wars past and present, I get really worried that the future of our foreign policy will continue to be the policy of war. It’s very unfortunate that this country has gotten down to the point that one of the major things that we manufacture and export is war and the implements of war.

I’m always disturbed by the way we all look, and necessarily so, at our own little world and our daily existence, and fail to look at the bigger picture and all the things that go into how and why things are the way they are.

I feel the reason we are at war, in a bigger-picture sense, is because of our largely failed energy policy. Our energy policy is dictated by huge energy companies that are reaping record profits at a time when we are at war in a place where oil is produced. In the past, people were hung for war profiteering. Now they are rewarded handsomely, not as war profiteers, but as successful capitalists.

America has the knowledge and the ingenuity, but not the government backing, to harness the energy created by the sun and wind. The sun and the wind have always been there, and will always be there.

We can’t afford to export energy from offshore drilling. We already consume much more than we can produce. We sure as hell don’t want to export our knowledge of nuclear power. And the plutonium waste that is produced from this is the basic ingredient to nuclear weapons. Clean coal does not exist. Visit any coal mine on this planet. Put coal in your pocket and carry it around with you for awhile. There is nothing clean about coal.

The sun provided all the energy needs of this planet for billions of years, until about 200 years ago when man decided to start burning things to make energy to fuel the industrial revolution. That succeeded. Now America needs to be at the forefront of the solar revolution. At any given moment, at some place on this planet the sun is shining, and that energy is not being harnessed.

If we can pull our American government out of the pocket of big oil and big energy and get the backing for research and development of the technology needed to store the energy produced by the sun and the wind and the ocean and geothermal, then we take away the power of these rogue states that cause problems for us and everybody else simply because they have so much money from fossil fuel.

If we completely remove our infrastructural dependence on any kind of fossil fuel, and are able to export the knowledge and technology of storage and use of the power of the sun, then we will again be the positive force we once were. The rogue states that have power from the money of selling their resources will simply disappear, and there will be no need for war over these resources.

The sun is free. For all the wars fought over whatever man decides to kill other men for, it has never been because someone has more sun than somebody else.

John McCain’s political existence seems to be connected in someway to war. The thing I trust about John McCain is that if he is elected president, then America will be at war for as long as he is in power.

I’m an unaffiliated voter and I’m going to vote for Barack Obama.

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