Thanks for help through Scoop disappearance |

Thanks for help through Scoop disappearance

Daily Staff Writer

With Mardi Gras just passed, it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since the disappearance of last year’s Mardi Gras king, Scoop Daniel. As his assistants, we went thru the painful process experienced by so many others in this community: first fear, then bewilderment, disillusionment, anger, loss and finally resignation to the uncomfortable truth as we went on with our lives. During the acute phase of police and CBI investigations, instant joblessness and loss of owed income, we were fortunate to receive a much appreciated donation from the BRC, and we were remiss in not thanking the contributors before now. Their rapid response helped to soften the blow during the first weeks of this ordeal. We also benefitted greatly from the dedicated assistance of Breckenridge attorney J.B. Katz, who gave freely of her valuable time, and was positively fierce in her protection, support, advice and encouragement for us during the challenges following Scoop’s abrupt departure. Thank you, J.B., you’re the best! Words can’t express our gratitude for the rescue you provided. Two weeks ago, we were astounded to learn that eleven members of the local legal community had donated funds for our benefit. We each received a check last week that helps to mitigate the losses we sustained. The kindness, compassion and generousity of these firms cannot be overstated. Many, many thanks to Mara M. Kleinschmidt; Carlson, Carlson & Dunkelman, LLC; Bauer & Burns, PC; Jeffrey S. Ryan; Law Offices of J.B. Katz, PC; Elaine G. Edinburg, PC; Anne E. Parmley, PC; His Honor, Judge David R. Lass; John W. Dunn & Associates, LLC; and Richmond, Sprouse & Murphy, LLC. We are deeply grateful for your concerned contributions. Finally, special thanks are extended to Tracie Hulbert of The Hulbert Law Office, LLC, for her on-going inspiration and advocacy. Sarah BaileyBreckenridgeAnnie HalpinFairplay