Thanks for Oktoberfest Clean-Up Shout-Out! |

Thanks for Oktoberfest Clean-Up Shout-Out!

Breckenridge Resort Chamber Staff

Breckenridge appreciates the shout-out for Oktoberfest clean-up efforts in Monday’s Summit Up. Street clean-up was a communal effort by the Town of Breckenridge, Breckenridge Resort Chamber, Summit Recycling and some dedicated volunteers. With enhanced recycling and composting efforts, there was very little garbage on the streets and much less in the landfills, so kudos to attendees. Most Oktoberfest revelers were on their best behavior, and contradictory to Monday’s Summit Up, we did not see ANY vomit on the streets. This year’s Oktoberfest was a huge success and a big THANKS to everyone who weathered Sunday’s storm and still managed to keep the street party lively! Prost and see you next year.

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