Thanks for supporting coffee shop tour |

Thanks for supporting coffee shop tour

Ali HasanCandidate, House District 56

Since wrapping up our Pine Beetle-Severance Tax CoffeeShop Tour a few weeks ago, we are excited to report that 1,403 postcards were signed. We are sending all postcards out to the State Capitol, in hopes that we will hear responses from both Republican and Democratic leaders. The CoffeeShop tour was sponsored by my campaign. The purpose of it was to get postcards signed, with one postcard going to the state Republican Party, asking them to get more proactive about the pine beetle epidemic, and the other postcard going to the state Democratic Party, asking them to keep severance tax funds, from gas drilling and coal mining, here on our Western Slope. Although my opponent, Christine Scanlan, could not attend the tour, I was excited that she publicly encouraged all Democrats to participate. I am deeply proud of running as a Republican, but I will refuse to engage in partisan bickering. The Pine Beetle and Severance Tax issues are Western Slope problems that cannot afford to be carved up by partisan debate. I was proud that this tour celebrated unity around nonpartisan issues. Lastly, I wanted to thank the businesses that hosted the tour and/or co-sponsored it with food and beverages: Butterhorn Bakery and Café, Dillon Dam Brewery, Crown Cafe, Moose Jaw, Johnny G’s, Clint’s Bakery & Deli, Inxpot, Pizza Hut of Silverthorne, Sunshine Café, and Murphey’s Irish Pub. And thank you to everyone in Summit County! May peace and love be upon you all!Ali HasanCandidate, House District 56

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