Thanks to Food Hedz and Summit County |

Thanks to Food Hedz and Summit County


A very big thank you to Food Hedz and the community for the wonderful support and turnout for the fundraiser that was held Jan. 25. Mor than 115 people showed up for a great evening of incredible food, amazing support and wonderful words of encouragement.I look forward to the next trip to Cambodia, Feb. 17 to March 1, bringing 12 boxes of clothing, stuffed animals, vitamins, supplements, latex gloves and manikins for CPR training for M’lop Tapang in Sihanoukville( and bunker gear for the fire station in Phnom Penh.A very special thank you to David, Patti and staff at Food Hedz for all you have done for the Cambodian Relief Fund.Thank you, Summit County!Sincerely,Douglas Mendel