Thanks to the Minutemen |

Thanks to the Minutemen

Gerald Dobert, Summit Cove

I would like to publicly thank Mike McCraken for taking the time to join the other Minutemen on the Southern border. Many people don’t realize that they have also been patrolling our Northern border.If he can do this, I think that our fellow citizens should be able to take time and write Senator Salazar our thoughts on whether or not our laws should be enforced. He is a co-sponsor of the McCain/Kennedy bill that includes amnesty.For the record, Senator Allard does not want amnesty and Rep. Udall supported HR 4437 which is the bill I feel we need. It has been sitting in the Senate since December.If the current proposal (McCain/Kennedy) goes through Congress with an amnesty provision, we can expect that in 20 years we will have the same situation all over again. At least Sen. Kennedy will not be around then to try to solve the problem a third time. How many chances should we give those senators who feed off of the special interests instead of looking out for the best interests of Americans?Smells like taxation without representation to me. Or representation without taxation if you are an illegal.

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