THC University in Denver holds first class on how to grow pot |

THC University in Denver holds first class on how to grow pot

Jordan Steffen
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The Denver Post/Andy Cross

A healthy marijuana plant should have lots of shoots, healthy roots and plenty of leaves.

But the more than 20 people Saturday who attended THC University’s first class, Growing Marijuana 101, learned that growing a healthy and fruitful marijuana plant is far from easy.

The sold-out class offered students the basics of growing marijuana at home, including information about watering, proper lighting, different containers and optional accessories. At the end of the five-hour class, students had the option of touring the growing operation at the Denver dispensary Karmaceuticals.

THC University co-founders Matt Jones, 24, and Freeman LaFleur, 25, said they had been looking for a way to enter the industry for the past couple of years.

“When Amendment 64 passed, we saw this industry that is going to go boom and no education to go with it,” Jones said.

Under Amendment 64, people 21 and older in Colorado can legally use and possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana and grow up to six marijuana plants.

Christopher and Ginger Grider drove to Colorado from New Mexico to take the class. Ginger Grider uses medical marijuana to help treat lupus, fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress disorder. The couple wants to learn how to grow at home.

“I want to know what I am getting and how it is grown,” Ginger Grider said.

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