The 5 films you can’t miss from the 5 Point Adventure Film Festival |

The 5 films you can’t miss from the 5 Point Adventure Film Festival

Jasmine Listou Bible
Special to the Daily
"Ace and the Desert Dog"
Courtesy of the 5 Point Adventure Film Festival |

The 5 Point Adventure Film Festival in Carbondale, Colorado, has just wrapped its ninth year. A four-day experience that delves into the depths of adventure, the collection of more than 50 short films had us laughing, crying, inspired and forever changed. The festival has become the premier showcase for filmmakers who have poured their heart, soul and gritty sweat into their work — storytellers who beautifully capture the essence of explorers as they chase their passions and challenge boundaries. Every centimeter of the screening room is filled with rambunctious energy, leaving no room for doubt or hesitation. Adventurists, athletes, filmmakers, and mountain dirtbags sit side-by-side, hanging onto every last frame. The stoke level is palpable.

The films ranged from extreme skiing to kayaking, biking, rock climbing and even a pack of unicycling elementary school kids who are undeniably awesome. While each and every film inspired us in some way, here are the five that you simply can’t miss:

Ace and the Desert Dog

The deep bond between man and his dog is hard to adequately wrap words around. Filmmakers Brendan Leonard and Forest Woodward manage to gift us with a glimpse into the tender relationship between photographer, Ace Kvale, and his desert dog, Genghis Kahn. In the film, we accompany the pair on a journey that begins at their front doorstep — a 60-day backpacking trek in southern Utah. The hike loops through deserts and canyons, where blistering sun and the occasional snowfall is encountered. Illustrations and quippy narrative provided by the Desert Dog himself is peppered throughout. This graceful capture of a beautiful connection will have you hugging your furry friends a little tighter.


Participate in The Longevity Project

The Longevity Project is an annual campaign to help educate readers about what it takes to live a long, fulfilling life in our valley. This year Kevin shares his story of hope and celebration of life with his presentation Cracked, Not Broken as we explore the critical and relevant topic of mental health.

The Great Alone

The Iditarod, a 1,000-mile sled dog race through the Arctic wilderness of Alaska is something we’ve all heard of, but possess no real understanding of the intensity of the event. In “The Great Alone,” we witness howling winds whip across the snowy tundra as the compelling journey of dog sled racer, Lance Mackey, unfolds. Born into the racing culture, tumultuous beginnings and roadblocks along the way can’t derail Lance’s commitment to continue his father’s legacy. Lance’s dedication, intense focus and outright insanity are matched only by his passion for his pack. The quiet moments shared with his dogs offer a window into the compassionate heart of a fighter. Tears will stream as you attempt to grasp the gravity of this honest, raw and cinematically captivating film.


Showdown at Horseshoe Hell

Perhaps one of the most preposterous events in the outdoor industry is the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell. Every year, the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas is taken over by costume-wearing, suffer-loving, chalk-eating climbers who attempt to rock climb for 24-hours straight. More than 250 participants, paired in teams of two, attempt to accomplish as many of the 300 routes as they can. Among them, climbers Nik Berry and Mason Earle have the audacity to attempt the impossible — beat Alex Honnold. A shot rings out and the challenge begins. Hilarity ensues. Skillful editing enhances the comedic timing of our two heros.


Operation Moffat

A desire to explore that burned from deep within lead Gwen Moffat, now 91 years of age, to become Britain’s first female mountain guide. The adventure seeking, free spirited Moffat penned countless books that chronicled her lifelong love affair with the mountains. Drawing inspiration from Moffat’s tales, a quest for the same wild, free, unbridled adventure leads climber Claire Carter to follow in Moffat’s famous footsteps. The lovely and intimate film allows viewers to feel as though we have a personal connection to Claire — we root her on as she climbs towards her ultimate goal to, “Go wild more, in the now.”



To say that Reuben Krabbe is obsessed with photography would be an understatement of epic proportions. The young Canadian’s photographs have become some of the most iconic in the ski industry. But to capture the silhouette of a skier in front of a total solar eclipse in the arctic takes something special … teetering on the edge of insanity. It takes vision, determination, adept skills, a whole lot of weather forecasting, and friends who are crazy enough to join you on the ride. Enter pro skiers Brody Leven, Chris Rubens and Cody Townsend. Far-below-freezing temperatures, tremendous winds, snow, rain and a visit from an adorable polar bear make the challenge that much more riveting. But will he get the shot?


Next year will mark the 10th year of the festival, and the lineup is sure to be epic. The films are accompanied by food trucks, beer tents, a community brunch, guest speakers, panel discussions and a van rally. It’s an incredible four-day party graciously hosted by the Carbondale community. It’s the perfect cure for your mud-season woes, so be sure to snag your tickets early.

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