The 9Health Fair will be returning to Summit on Saturday, April 7. |

The 9Health Fair will be returning to Summit on Saturday, April 7.

In this undated photo, a phlebotomist draws blood from a patient attending a 9Health Fair. The fair will be returning to Summit at CMC Breckenridge this Saturday, April 7.
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Summit residents are invited to “own their health” this upcoming Saturday, April 7, from 7.a.m. to noon at CMC Breckenridge when the 9Health Fair returns to Summit. The event, sponsored by St. Anthony Summit Medical Center and the Rotary Club of Summit County, will offer over two dozen free or low-cost health screenings and health-education presentations.

The program, in its 27th year in Summit County, is a popular community tradition with over 800 residents attending last year. Health insurance is not required, nor will it be checked. The event is moving from Summit High School to CMC Breckenridge this year due to construction at SHS.

All attendees are encouraged to pre-register online to save time on lines. The fair will offer a menu of services that attendees can pick and choose from, such as $25 for a simple blood cell count, $30 for a colon cancer screening kit, $35 for blood chemistry or prostate PSA test, and $50 for a Vitamin D screening. These services can be paid for in advance through pre-registration.

Other free screenings and education opportunities, such as respiratory tests, BMI analysis, “Ask-A-Pharmacist” and “Ask-a-Practitioner” booths and stations, will be free and open to all attendees.

Brent Boyer, communications manager at St. Anthony Summit and a member of the fair’s organizing committee, said the event’s tagline of “own your health” is the core of the fair’s mission. He said the event is meant to give people the choice and tools to educate themselves about what they can do to take care of their health if a concern is flagged, or improve it further even if they are in top shape.

“The great thing about this health fair is that it is truly about the community and helping people help themselves,” Boyer said. “The goal is really to empower residents to take ownership of their health.”

Boyer added that St. Anthony Summit will have over two dozen staff and the fair will give people a quicker, cheaper way to get some critical tests done, especially for those who haven’t had time or resources to get a regular health exam recently.

“The fair is a great opportunity for those who have been hesitant to see a doctor lately, or not been on top of health issues, to come down and get those tests done,” Boyer said.

Retired local surgeon Don Parsons, chair of the fair’s organizing committee, added on to the concept of people owning their health extended to the knowledge people need to make the right choices that will keep them healthier longer.

“People who are well informed about their health status through these screenings can make a real difference in their own lives,” Parsons said. “With the high health care premiums in Summit, this fair is also a very inexpensive way to get important tests done. If you went to a doctor’s office you would pay three or four times for the tests alone, on top of an additional 300 bucks for the office visit itself.”

The fair will take place from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, April 7, at CMC Breckenridge, 107 Denison Placer Road. The event is open to all, and while attendees can register that day, pre-registration is highly recommended. To pre-register, visit

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