The ALA is another liberal organization |

The ALA is another liberal organization

Robert CooperBreckenridge/Springfield, MO.

I had to laugh at the “answers” Mr. and Mrs. Clark got from the librarians and the American Library Association (ALA).We had a situation here where a man was masturbating in a public library while viewing porn Web sites. Children witnessed this and told the librarian, who did nothing. The kids called the police themselves, and the police went to the library requesting the perpetrator’s name and address.The library staff here followed the ALA playbook and refused to give the police his name and address. The police had to get a court order to force the library to give them the info. Of course, the ALA also views the Patriot Act, a federal law, whether or not you agree with it, as something akin to an illegal search.Vanessa Woodford’s explanation that these books were picked because of requests, best-seller lists and staff suggestions is mostly a farce. Since almost none of the anti-Bush books even sold enough to register as a “best-seller”, that leaves only requests and staff suggestions.The Clarks requested Sean Hannity’s book, which was number one on the New York Times and best-seller list for at least six weeks, and obviously qualifies as a true best-seller. That wasn’t and wouldn’t be available.Yet seven seldom heard of Bush-bashing books were front and center for all to see.I’m not buying this “requested” B.S. Even if they were requested, why put them all together near the check-out counter for everyone to see? Why? I’ll tell you why. These librarians have a political agenda they’re pushing. But like liberals running for political office refusing to admit they’re liberals, most librarians will not admit they also have a liberal political agenda.Again, you liberals need to realize how silly you sound to anyone with a functioning brain when you lie. Times have changed, thankfully. Dan Rather just found this out, and his reputation is ruined forever. Just try telling the truth, you’ll find it’s really easy.

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