The Backstage Theatre presents Locals Lounge |

The Backstage Theatre presents Locals Lounge

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Just imagine it: A mountain resort where unity, love and brotherhood prevail among all boarders, pinheads, bikers, snowplowers, freestylers – and even that distinct spectrum of visitors who annoy locals by blocking frozen food aisles en masse while deciding on the cheapest pizza – and who drive the Dam Road at 13 mph because they can’t get enough of the scenery and who stop, again, en masse, just below the lip of an icy intermediate run where you’re bound to hit them (here, at our friendly local paper, we hate to call them by the “G” word, but the Backstage Theatre has no problem calling a spade a spade).

As part of its Locals Lounge, the Backstage Theatre performs a version of “We Are the World” that would make both John Lennon and Michael Jackson smile for days – without added chemicals streaming through their veins.

That’s right – all mountain personalities will take the stage, share the mic and sway as one as they sing, “We Are the World.”

And that’s not all Locals Lounge has in store. Skits, running an average of five minutes each, feature local actors belting out songs, sketches and comedy with a decidedly Summit slant. The actors themselves wrote most of the material, because who better to depict life in Summit?

Audiences will see Ullr create Summit County, then host a hilarious call-in talk show to help newbies deal with Rocky Mountain terrain. Guests at the Backstage will also experience the once-in-a-lifetime “Country Night” at three20south – yee haw! And, the infamous Bro Bras return to the stage, actively seeking employment in a crappy economy. Plus, waiters from “Office Space” will make an appearance.

“Like most variety shows, each audience member will find a different something in the show to relate to,” said Chris Willard, Backstage artistic director. “Fun new characters and new situations will be explored.”

He looks forward to gauging audiences’ reaction and seeing what they find laughable and exciting, because he’d like to morph Locals Lounge into a platform for local talent to perform regularly. In fact, he’s already thinking about staging another show in April and presenting it as a late-night show.

Willard created this debut of Locals Lounge because some of the regular Backstage actors wanted to introduce new pieces to the community, try out songs and skits and revive characters from past shows.

Anyone interested in hamming it up in April should contact Willard now. In the meantime, go see the show.

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