The Breckenridge chamber targets markets all over the world |

The Breckenridge chamber targets markets all over the world

n The international market represents about 7.2 percent of Breckenridge’s visitors on a year-round basis (9.6 percent in winter and 4.8 percent in summer). Their average age is 34.4 and their household income is about $136,000 per year.– Visits from the United Kingdom continue to make up the majority of the international market, followed by Germany, Mexico/Central America and Australia. — International visitors continue to stay longer than any other market. Fifty-four percent reported staying eight to 14 nights in Breckenridge.– Within the international segment, 80 percent rent a unit, 9 percent own a unit and 10 percent stay with friends and relatives.– International visitors continue to book mostly through travel agents/wholesalers.Breckenridge is represented in the international market primarily through wholesalers in those markets. That is the way international visitors tend to book their travel.The BRC does not advertise much in these markets because there is not enough funding to be able to advertise with the frequency and size that would be necessary to compete with travel messages from around the world. However, ads are run in targeted publications, such as the German Travel Planner. Most BRC efforts to market internationally are public relations efforts that include working with foreign media to generate interest in and exposure for Breckenridge. For example, the BBC (British TV) attended the International Snow Sculpture Championships last year and seven British media visited Breckenridge in January.

Out of state — Out of state (OOS) visitation remains the bread-and-butter market. OOS represents 71.8 percent of Breckenridge visitors on a year-round basis (72.3 percent in winter and 71 percent in summer). Their average age is 36.9 and their household income is about $112,000 per year.– The top states by visitation are: Texas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas/Missouri, California, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Louisiana. — A majority of the BRC’s marketing budget is spent on OOS (80 percent in winter and 75 percent in summer). — OOS visitors continue to be the highest spenders on a per-day basis.– OOS visitors book mostly on the Internet, then direct to property, then through central reservations.– Within the OOS segment, 77 percent rent a unit, 9 percent own a unit, 11 percent stay with friends and relatives.

In an effort to be as efficient as possible with the marketing funds available, the BRC focuses most of its efforts in the geographic markets that produce the most business for Breckenridge. Those markets are addressed with advertising, promotions, public relations and sales efforts. The key to being successful in attracting visitors is being in front of them frequently with messages that appeal to them, thus making Breckenridge more appealing than other vacation choices. We also try to be top of mind when travelers are making their trip decisions. What this all means is that the BRC starts with the most productive markets and makes Breckenridge a presence as frequently as possible. We then cover the other top markets that we can’t afford to advertise in through public relations, Internet and sales efforts. Colorado overnight– Colorado overnight business represents 16.3 percent of Breckenridge business (10.4 percent in winter and 20.9 percent in summer). The average age of this traveler is 34.5 and the household income is about $100,000 per year.– While this market doesn’t stay as long or spend as much as international or OOS visitors, it does provide a base of spending to our local economy. It is more sensitive to snow and weather patterns but is less sensitive to economic cycles and tends to be a more frequent visitor.

— Within the Colorado overnight segment, 78 percent rent a unit, 10 percent own a unit, 11 percent stay with friends and family.The BRC markets to the Colorado market to keep Breckenridge as one of the top in-state travel choices. There is a lot of competition for this market, not only from other Colorado destinations, but also from Denver events and attractions. The BRC’s primary goal is to get the Colorado market to stay overnight, whether they are a summer visitor, a buddy passholder or are influencing the trip of visiting friends and family.Other markets that represent part of our local economy are the day visitor and the second homeowner. While their contributions to our economy are important, the BRC does not market specifically to them because we need to spend our efforts and funds targeted where they can produce the greatest return on investment for Breckenridge. If this information has raised any questions for you, please call me at (970) 453-2913, ext. 411, or e-mail me at, and I will address them in a future column or individually. This is the second in a six-part series of columns written by BRC executive director Corry Mihm. It was promised to appear Wednesday, but e-mail problems caused a delay.

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