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"The Core’ doesn’t delve too deep

Some fantasies are best left tucked deeply inside the imagination – especially when they involve a remake of a science fiction movie produced in 1959 (which was originally chock full of romance, songs, comedy and a duck that encountered giant dinosaurs in its excursion to the earth’s core).

“The Core” extracts the basic plot of the 1959 movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” but in a failed attempt to be a contender in the adventure and sci fi genres, it takes itself too seriously.

The biggest problem with the movie was that it fell into a black hole of not knowing what it wanted to be. The flat dialogue, outdated special effects and poorly-acted characters lent themselves to creating a hilarious spoof. Only, the director couldn’t give up the dream of creating a great sci-fi movie.

Director Jon Amiel should have followed the old script by hiring a duck and finding someone like Pat Boone to sing “My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose” on his way into the earth’s innards.

At the very least, he should have casted New Age psychics to warn the crew of the danger ahead after they crashed in a field of giant crystals growing in the Earth’s interior. The scene was already laughable when the actors stepped out of their ship for the first time into a huge crystal field, and the only thing they could say was, “The good news is, looks like the suits can take it.” “It” referred to the 800,000 pounds of pressure per square inch and the 5,000-degree temperature 700 miles below the earth’s crust. I would have rather watched a duck quack at New Age dinosaurs.

Taken seriously, the film was a disaster. But, if you allow your brain to melt as you journey into the center of the earth, it’s an entertaining ride. The first hour kept me interested in hopes I’d learn something – anything – scientific.

For the next hour, I pinned my hopes on a good sci-fi excursion to the earth’s core, with outstanding special effects. Again, the movie tanked. The whales could have been the same from old “Moby Dick” films, and like I said, the director definitely missed a great opportunity to revive the lost city of Atlantis.

The only thing that kept it interesting is people started dying. The actors began to show some emotion, but it was too little, too late. I expected them to show evidence of adrenaline rushes at the beginning of the movie, when their space shuttle soared off course and headed for the heart of downtown Los Angeles, but they must have known the outcome: They skidded safely to a complete stop just inches from a man working on scaffolding in the city.

Despite its faults, “The Core” has just enough entertainment value to warrant a night out (or a night in, when it’s released on video). With the right attitude (read: brain numb), it’s a good escape. After all, even the most ridiculous fantasy offers a break from reality.

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