The facts about disc golf |

The facts about disc golf

Lori Davis, owner, AB Ski & Sport - Frisco

Typically, I am extremely overjoyed at any publicity our store, AB Ski & Sport – Frisco and the sport of disc golf can get. You do that for us, and don’t think it isn’t greatly appreciated – it is!I am however, dismayed at the tone of some of these articles. It seems that it is only worth reporting if there is discord and turmoil and it’s boring for everyone to just get along.If that is the case, then I guess I am just a boring sort of person, because I like not having discord. I like it when everyone is happy and gets along.I wish we could get some good publicity without the tone of discord that has been portrayed. For the record, AB Ski & Sport is thrilled at the number of tournaments currently being offered to our locals and to our visitors.We feel it is a real boost to the sport and a positive show of one of Frisco’s many amenities. We are very lucky to have the caliber of course that we have in Frisco and AB Ski & Sport does not take that for granted.Also, to correct another wrong, AB Ski & Sport was not “stubborn and did not want to join the club” – we were never asked.So we just played the hand we were dealt and went on in the most positive way we could, without saying anything bad about anyone and trying to continue to promote the sport as best we could.As it turned out, everything worked out for the best, and we are very pleased. This is what needs to be portrayed to your readers.Moreover, I didn’t say I had any “animosity” towards anyone – especially towards the town of Frisco. Saying such a thing would not help our cause or our business.It is not animosity I feel, only bewilderment. I just don’t think the new fee schedule was very thought out. I don’t understand how the fee schedule can be the same for our small tourneys (with 20-40 players) as it is for the large two-day tourneys that draw four to five times the number of people. Period. No animosity. Just bewilderment! Is that crystal clear?I found out about the article from a town official and thank heaven I did, otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to correct the misconception of the “animosity” that neither I nor AB Ski & Sport has. I am still trying to correct the front page picture caption from late May that stated – incorrectly – that employees of my store were (illegally) selling discs at the course.Again, simply not true.It is bad for myself and my business to be reflected in a negative way – regarding anything.Being a small business owner in Summit County has been a struggle in recent times (to say the least). Please don’t do anything to make our struggle more difficult. Nor does the sport of disc golf need any bad press.

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